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 Important laws that a California Motorcyclist should never break

Important laws that a California Motorcyclist should never break

You can find California’s endless summers perfect for riding motorcycles and your best option for affordable motorcycle insurance. Six safety tips will keep you safe on the open road.

How to ride a motorcycle safely in California

The DUI laws in California are almost identical for motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles. The penalties for drinking and driving are always harsh, but it’s even more important for motorcyclists because of the increased danger involved. If you have an accident and are guilty of it, there will be consequences. Ones that can include fines, suspension of the license and going to jail. You’ll need a lawyer and an SR-22 form for proof that you carry the liability coverage. If you’re charged with DUI, in addition to not being able to ride your motorcycle, you’ll also get a driver’s license suspension for every other type of motor vehicle that you currently use.

That could mean all of your cars and boat too–anything that moves. With the California motorcycle helmet laws, you are more likely to get into an accident if your reflexes have been slowed due to drugs or alcohol. Normally, your inhibitions disappear which means that you can’t avoid injury Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. You have no protection from being seriously injured or worse. Motorcycles lack seat belts and airbags and are exposed to the outside world, rendering you vulnerable to high-risk collisions.

Do you know what not to do while riding a motorcycle in California?

Motorcycle riding provides practical views of the diverse topographies of California. Sometimes, distracting views can cause accidents if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing. Motorcyclists are not as protected as auto drivers and passengers. If you want to keep yourself safe, make sure you’re paying attention at all times. You have to watch out for the brake lights in front of you and what’s happening ahead of them. When you are travelling, keep the volume of your stereo low enough so that you can still hear anything around you. do not reply to any riders sharing your space until you have come to a full stop.

Don’t over-dress or under-dress

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As a state that has weather extremes, you should expect the unforeseeable. You may have travelled through deserts, snowy mountains, or brittle autumnal pine cone forests. What’s important to know and remember is what the conditions will be when you’re in your uncovered vehicle and dress for the weather accordingly.

Never neglect to wear a helmet while riding in California

We must wear a Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant helmet and the people in the back seat need to wear a DOT-compliant helmet. Doing so keeps our brains safe from damage. When you buy a new helmet, make sure you buy the best one and it fits correctly. You don’t want to find yourself trying to keep your helmet on when you need it the most.

Avoid Showing Off While Riding Your Bike

Your bike is cool and good-looking. However, be safe and don’t ever show off your bike on a kickstand with riding gear. As you drive, be mindful of safety. Maintain a safe distance, stay focused on the road, maintain a low-speed limit, and stay within the lines.

Motorcycle Safety Measures California Riders Should Never Ignore

Insurance for motorcycles in California is mandatory. Like auto insurance, you need liability insurance: $15,000/$30,000 per person for bodily injury and $5,000 for property damage to cover every driver and any passengers. Low-cost coverage includes a cheaper limit on the amount that the insurer will cover. If you cause an incident, the insurance will cover injuries to others more than damage to your own bike. That is why you should talk to your insurer if you want full coverage protection.


When you purchase motorcycle insurance, the independent insurance agent is always looking out for your best interest and can help you find the right option to fit your needs. By bundling in multiple policies with the same company, you can often enjoy discounts that make your California motorcycle insurance more affordable. Compare the benefits of motorcycle insurance in California and get a free auto quote from us. Since 1986 California drivers have been able to find low-cost insurance through Sillect. You can call 800-833-9980 or get a free quote for motorcycle insurance through our website.


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